Portret Lucie door Jan Toorop (1905)

Portret van Lucie Ekker-van Dam van Isselt door Jan Toorop

Jan Toorop 1905, olieverf op doek, 91 x 70,5 cm.

Particuliere collectie USA, voorheen Studio 2000 in Blaricum. Beschrijving in de aanbiedingscatalogus Catalogue Collection 1991 van Studio 2000:

Jan Theodoor (Jan) Toorop (1858 - 1928)
A portrait of Lucie van Dam van Isselt
Signed twice and dated Amsterdam 1905
Oil on canvas: 91 x 70,5 cm
After 1900, Toorop returned to a brushstroke technique and even to an Impressionist style. He used these mainly for portraits, which were much more broadly made than those of twenty years before. He painted more portraits of men than of women and seldom showed a woman 'en face'. This portrait has a highly feminine expression. The seated person lived for many years in Veere in Zeeland. She was married to the art critic Albert Plassaert, who in 1925, published a monograph on Toorop. Another, but smaller portrait of Lucie van Dam van Isselt, is now part of the collection of the Gemeentemuseum (tegenwoordig Kunstmuseum, red), The Hague.
Exhibited: Munich, International Exhibition, 1905

Folder Studio 2000

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